Fast and Flavorful: 5 Janmashtami Dishes in Under 5 Minutes

Quick Coconut Ladoo: Combine grated coconut, condensed milk, and a touch of ghee to make delightful coconut ladoos.

Speedy Banana Sheera: Mash ripe bananas and cook them with semolina, sugar, and ghee for a delicious banana sheera.

Effortless Fruit Chaat: Toss together a mix of fresh fruits with honey and a sprinkle of chaat masala for a refreshing fruit chaat.

Rapid Poha Sweet: Sweeten flattened rice (poha) with jaggery, ghee, and grated coconut to create a quick and tasty treat.

Instant Rava Kesari: Cook semolina (rava) with sugar, ghee, and saffron to make aromatic rava kesari in no time.