8 Festival Food Places Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Indian Accent, Delhi: Modern Fusion Flavors, Culinary Artistry, and Innovation Excellence.

Gaggan Anand, Bangkok: Progressive Indian Cuisine, Molecular Gastronomy, Culinary Creativity Mastered.

Masala Library, Mumbai: Deconstructed Classics, Molecular Techniques, and Gastronomic Ingenuity.

Gulati, Delhi: Classic North Indian Dishes, Authentic Flavors, and Creative Presentations.

Bukhara, Delhi: Tandoori Marvels, Grilled Perfection, and Iconic Dal Bukhara Legacy.

Farzi Cafe, Various Locations: Contemporary Indian Cuisine, Molecular Gastronomy, and Whimsical Twists.

The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai: Regional Flavors, Modern Interpretations, and Innovative Fusion.

Indian Accent, New York: Avant-Garde Indian Dishes, Global Influences, and Inventive Pairings.

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