Mar 24 , 2024

10 festivals in the world which are similar to Holi

By True Scoop

Songkran (Thailand): Songkran is a festival of celebration of Thai new year in which people play with water guns.

La Tomatina (Spain): it is a festival which is celebrated in the east of spain in which people play tomato fights.

Boryeong Mud Festival (South Korea): Boryeong is a town where people play in the mud together.

Dia De Los Muertos (Mexico): it is also called 'Day of the dead'. People get dressed, dance, eat & pray.

Carnival (Brazil): it is an annual festival which is considered the biggest carnival in the world.

Chinchilla Watermelon Festival ( Australia): it is a 4 day long festival in which people eat melons, drink wine, play & dance.

Battle of Orange (Italy): in this festival, people play by throwing oranges at each other.

Flour War Festival (Greece): people celebrate this festival by throwing cooking flour at each other.

Michigan's Annual Mud Day (USA): kids love this festival as they get to play in the mud with their friends.

Oberbaumbrücke Water Fight (Germany): people of East district of Friedrichshain have a water fight with the people of West district.

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