FIFA World Cup 2022: Famous footballers and their favorite dishes

Milanesa Napolitana-Messi: It is a schnitzel-like dish made from ham, fried beef, tomatoes, onions and cheese

Bacalhau a Bras-Ronaldo: It is a Portuguese dish, made from cod, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes.

Sushi-Arjen Robben: He loves sushi, a traditional Japanese dish made with vinegar rice, seafood, sugar, veggies, and salt.

Carbonara-Gianluigi Buffon: It's a delicious pasta preparation made with eggs, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper

Arab Sausages-Cesc Fabregas: He likes a kind of Arab sausage dish, stuffed with a rice and meat mixture and deep-fried

Chips with fried eggs-Gareth Bale: It is a world-popular dish made with fish fried in crispy batter, and served with French fries or wedges.

Curried goat-Ashley Young: Ashley Young revealed his favourite dish to be a plate of curried goat.