May 11 , 2024

8 Food Items Banned In India

By True Scoop

Fatty Fish: Sardines can help reduce inflammation and lower levels of triglycerides, thus promoting heart health

Chinese Milk: This ban by FSSAI arose due to concerns about melamine contamination in Chinese dairy products

Bread: At a point of time, Potassium Bromate was used as addictive in bread causing a ban on such food

Fruits: Chemicals that artificially ripen fruits are prohibited in India to ensure consumer safety

Fried snacks: The use of trans fats in processed foods is partially banned in India

French fries: FSSAI regulations aim to gradually reduce sodium content in packaged foods

Shark Fins: It is banned in India to help conserve shark populations and protect endangered species

Meat: Import of hormone-treated meat is banned to prevent health risks associated with artificial growth hormones

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