May 03 , 2024

7 Food Items That Should Never Be Reheated

By True Scoop

Chicken: Reheating the roasted chicken in microwave leads to growth of bacteria that can be harmful for health

Eggs: Reheating scrambled eggs can make it rubbery and lose flavour which is not a good option

Mushrooms: They are prone to bacterial health especially when reheated at certain temperatures

Spinach: Reheating spinach can cause increase in nitrates which is harmful for health

Rice: Reheating already made rice can be harmful for health. Its better to warm it on gas

Potatoes: Reheating potatoes can lead to foodborne diseases

Cooking Oil: Reheating it can lead to formation of bacteria that can also destroy some good nutrients

These were some of the daily food items that you should never reheat in microwave

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