Mar 27 , 2024

10 Foods to keep you cool during summer

By True Scoop

Jowar: including 'Jowar' in your diet pacifies the 'Vata' & 'kapha dosha', & it has a cold potency.

Sabja seeds: these tiny little balls of jelly-like substance are great for hydration & keeping your gut health in check.

Sugarcane juice: it contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron & other electrolytes that are essential for the body.

Bael: A glass of chilled 'bael' sharbat has a cooling effect on the body, it can hydrate the body & prevent dehydration.

Sattu: This protein-rich flour made from Bengal gram has been used traditionally to cool down the body from within.

Poppy seeds: Also called 'khus khus', have antioxidants & disease preventing properties along with a cooling effect.

Buttermilk: It keeps you hydrated & is also beneficial for digestion. Have it with roasted cumin seeds, coriander & ginger.

Curd: Packed with calcium, curd should be your go-to option for a healthy summer alternative to cold fizzy drinks.

Coconut water: it contains electrolytes which keep you hydrated & cool. This power drink helps beat the heat.

Thandai: it's an abundant source of antioxidants which helps in acidity, also providing cooling energy in the summer.

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