10 Foods for Mental Health to Include in Your Diet
By True Scoop

Fish for Focus: Dive into salmon or mackerel, brimming with omega-3s to keep your brain sharp and mood uplifted.

Green Leafy Guardians: Embrace spinach and kale, packed with antioxidant soldiers and vital nutrients to defend your mind

Nutty Nuggets of Goodness: Sprinkle almonds and walnuts on your plate for healthy fats and vitamin E, keeping your brain energized.

Berrylicious Brainiacs: Unleash the antioxidant power of blueberries and strawberries, champions of cognitive function and memory.

Whole Grains, Slow and Steady: Fuel your mind with quinoa or brown rice, releasing complex carbs for consistent energy throughout the day.

Sweet Treat for Thought: Indulge in dark chocolate, packed with flavonoids to enhance mood and sharpen your thinking.

Golden Spice of Sunshine: Turmeric's curcumin shines with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant superpowers, protecting your brain.

Broc-tastic Broccoli: This floret warrior boasts antioxidants and vitamin K, keeping your brain healthy and happy.

Happy Guts, Happy Mind: Greek yogurt, with its probiotic army and protein power, nourishes your gut-brain connection and keeps you feeling full.

Creamy Avocado, King of Fats: This buttery delight, rich in healthy fats, nourishes your brain and keeps it functioning at its best.

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