French Cuisine on the Fly: 10 Veg Recipes Ready in 30 Seconds Each
By True Scoop

Quick Ratatouille: Express veggie medley in a flash.

Speedy French Onion Soup: Instant savory warmth in a bowl.

Flashy Quiche Lorraine: Rapid savory tart for a quick delight.

30-Second Niçoise Salad: Speedy Mediterranean veggie salad.

Instant Vegetable Gratin: Quick and cheesy veggie bake.

Express Mushroom Bourguignon: Rapid mushroom stew with rich flavors.

Speedy Provencal Tian: Quick layered vegetable dish from Provence.

Instant Pissaladière: Speedy French pizza with onions and olives.

Flashy Spinach Soufflé: Rapid and fluffy green delight.

30-Second French Vichyssoise: Speedy cold potato leek soup.

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