Mar 21 , 2024

Fujyama EV Launches Classic E-Scooter in India

By True Scoop

Classic E-scooter priced at ₹79,999, offering 120-140 km range.

Top speed ranges between 60-70 km/h with a 3000W motor.

Equipped with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery for longevity.

Features twin-barrel LED lights and combi-drum brakes.

Battery fully charges in just 4 hours for convenience.

Fujyama Power Group committed to producing high-quality electric vehicles.

Dedicated to providing value for money to Indian customers.

Targeting Indian market despite recent slowdown and price hikes.

Focus on high-speed scooter market with competitive pricing.

Offering reliable and affordable electric two-wheelers to Indian consumers.

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