Sep 03 , 2023

Fusion Flavors:8 Innovative Cross-Cultural Indian Breakfasts a must try

By True Scoop

Biryani Burrito: Fragrant biryani rice, spiced meat or vegetables, and chutneys wrapped in a burrito for a unique taste.

Butter Chicken Croissant: A croissant filled with creamy butter chicken, a fusion of French pastry and Indian flavors.

Tandoori Bagel Sandwich: Bagel halves filled with tandoori chicken or vegetables, cucumber, and a yogurt-based dressing.

Curry Quinoa Bowl: Nutrient-packed quinoa served with a flavorful Indian curry sauce, topped with vegetables and herbs.

Paneer Tikka Tacos: Soft tortillas filled with spicy paneer tikka, fresh veggies, and chutneys, blending Indian and Mexican influences.

Chai Spiced Pancakes: Pancakes infused with the warm spices of Indian chai tea, served with maple syrup or honey.

Masala Omelette Frankie: Spicy Indian omelette wrapped in a roti, inspired by the popular street food in Mumbai.

Global Fusion Breakfast Delights: 8 Innovative Indian Cross-Cultural Creations Worth Savoring