Oct 03 , 2023

A Gastronomic Day in Amritsar: Morning Kulchas to Night-time Fish Delights - Quick Recipes in Less Than 10 Minutes

By True Scoop

Express Amritsari Chole Bhature: Savor the famous Amritsari chole bhature for lunch, made quickly without compromising on taste.

Quick Amritsari Paneer Tikka: Enjoy a speedy and savory paneer tikka as a snack during the day, capturing the flavors of Amritsar.

Effortless Amritsari Lassi: Cool off with an authentic Amritsari lassi, a refreshing beverage you can whip up quickly.

Speedy Amritsari Aloo Kulcha: Start your day with a delicious breakfast of Amritsari aloo kulcha, ready in less than 10 minutes.

gastronomic day in Amritsar with quick and delicious recipes for each meal