From Grandma’s Kitchen: 8 Traditional Marwari Pickle Recipes

Aam Ka Achar (Mango Pickle): A classic Indian pickle made with raw mangoes, a blend of spices, and mustard oil. Marwari mango pickle is known for its spicy and tangy flavor.

Ker Ka Achar (Caper Berry Pickle): Caper berries are pickled with a mix of spices, mustard oil, and a touch of sweetness for a unique and slightly tangy taste.

Gunda Achar (Indian Lasoda Pickle): Gunda, or Indian lasoda, are small, round, and sour fruits that are pickled in spices and oil, creating a tangy and spicy treat.

Lemon Pickle: Lemons are preserved with salt, turmeric, and various spices to create a zesty and spicy Marwari lemon pickle.

Chana Methi Achar (Fenugreek Seed Pickle): Fenugreek seeds are soaked, spiced, and pickled to create a slightly bitter, tangy, and aromatic condiment.

Mirchi Ka Achar (Chili Pickle): Green chilies are pickled with spices and mustard oil, offering a fiery and flavorful accompaniment to meals.

Kair Sangri Achar: Kair (wild berries) and sangri (beans) are pickled together with a blend of spices, resulting in a unique and tangy pickle.

Garlic Pickle: Garlic cloves are pickled with a mix of spices and oil, creating a pungent and flavorful Marwari garlic pickle.