Sep 12 , 2023

7 Great Movies Starring Vidyut Jamwal

By True Scoop

Khuda Haafiz" (2020): A gripping thriller starring Vidyut Jamwal as a man searching for his missing wife in a foreign land.

Junglee" (2019): A heartwarming action-adventure where Vidyut connects with elephants and fights against poachers.

Commando 2: The Black Money Trail" (2017): Vidyut Jamwal returns as a commando on a mission to expose corruption.

Bullett Raja" (2013): A crime-action film featuring Vidyut Jamwal in a memorable supporting role.

Commando: A One Man Army" (2013): An action-packed thriller with Vidyut Jamwal as a commando, delivering jaw-dropping stunts.

Force" (2011): Vidyut Jamwal's debut film showcases his martial arts prowess and action-packed performance.

Jamwal is a talented action star who is known for his martial arts skills. He has starred in a number of successful action films, and he is one of the most popular action stars in India today.