Jun 29 , 2024

7 Greatest Horror Movies of India Cinema

By True Scoop

Raat (1992): Ram Gopal Varma's classic about a family's terrifying experiences in a haunted house.

Tumbbad (2018): A visually stunning film exploring greed and ancient Indian mythology.

Pari (2018) - An unconventional horror film starring Anushka Sharma, praised for its atmospheric tension.

1920 (2008) - Set in the British era, known for its Gothic horror elements and haunting visuals.

Bhoot (2003): A chilling tale of a couple's supernatural encounters in their new apartment.

13B (2009): A suspenseful story where a family's TV shows eerie reflections of their lives.

The House Next Door (2017): A spine-chilling movie inspired by true events involving a haunted house.

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