Apr 18 , 2024

7 Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

By True Scoop

Gabbar Singh-Sholay: Nobody has managed to create sheer terror in the hearts of people the way Amjad Khan's villain

Howard Payne–Speed: He is menace personified for how easily he manages to kill people who stand in his way

Gulfam Hassan–Sarfarosh: One of the greatest villains of all time, he is still known for his amazing performance as a villain

Le Chiffre-Casino Royale: White collar criminal who murders people with the same calculatedness he displays at a poker table

Anton Chigurh-No Country for Old Men: As simple a query as that has never felt as terrifying as it does when Chigurh voices it

The Joker-The Dark Knight: Ledger was Joker, and you believed it!

Phoenix Buchanan-Paddington 2: He was ultimately just a man who wanted something more out of life

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