May 01 , 2024

7 Greatest Villains In Marvel Cinematic Universe

By True Scoop

Loki: The character played by Tom Hiddelston was the first villain the Avengers encountered

Thanos: Played by Josh Brolin, and he was a man with a plan to wipe out part of Earth's population

Killmonger: Played by Michael B. Jordan, and intends to fix the imbalance among the world's different people

Vulture: Michael Keaton played this erstwhile businessman who decides to take on Spider-Man

Mysterio: Played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the Spider-Man film Far From Home the character was once a scientist

Alexander Pierce: The character is a HYDRA loyalist who works with SHIELD

Kaecilius: Villain of Doctor Strange (2016) proved to be the old staple of the disciple who broke away from the community

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