Handicraft Hubs: Experience India’s Art Villages Economically

Kutch, Gujarat: Renowned for its Bandhani tie-dye, embroidery, and block printing. Bhuj, the district capital, has budget lodgings and homestays that promote local art.

Channapatna, Karnataka: Known as the ‘Toy-town of India’, it’s famed for wooden toys and lacquerware. Local workshops often offer hands-on experiences for visitors.

Sanganer, Rajasthan: Dive into the world of block printing and handmade paper. Economical guesthouses in Jaipur, a short drive away, serve as convenient bases.

Pochampally, Telangana: Experience the making of Ikat sarees in this weaving village. Local weavers often provide affordable homestays.

Madhubani, Bihar: The birthplace of Madhubani paintings. Visitors can stay in nearby Darbhanga, which offers budget accommodations.