Harmony at Home: 10 Tips for Positive Vastu Energy
By True Scoop

Declutter your spaces and let positive energy flow freely. Embrace a clean and organized environment where every item has its place.

Make your entrance light-filled and inviting. First impressions matter, so set the tone for harmony

Embrace natural light and fresh air. Throw open the windows and welcome the positive energy that comes with natural ventilation.

Arrange furniture to encourage easy movement and a harmonious balance. Create natural pathways for energy to dance through your living spaces.

Surround yourself with calming and balanced colors. Opt for palettes that invoke peace and inspire positive vibes.

Introduce indoor plants for fresh air and positive Vastu energy.

Position your bed for restful slumber. Avoid placing it under beams or facing doors, and create a calm haven for rejuvenation.

Fill your walls with uplifting art and décor. Choose pieces that spark joy and resonate with your positive intentions.

Align your kitchen with Vastu principles for prosperity. Ensure proper placement of the stove and sink, and create a space that nourishes well-being.

Regularly clean and maintain your home to preserve positive energy.

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