5 haunted places in Dubai to visit for SPOOKY experience

Al Jazirat Al Hamra: The Ghost Town was once inhabited by three tribes. Later, it became one of the most abandoned places in Dubai and became infamous for ghostly activities. The town is marked by abandoned homes and eerie silence.

Al Qasimi Palace was built expensively and was once an important part of Dubai’s royalty. But, now it remains as a haunted ruin. The locals say that on some nights they can hear or even see children peeping out of the windows of this otherwise silent building.

The Tunnel In Pan Emirates: If you are looking for horror places in Dubai The Tunnel In Pan Emirates is famous for spooky stories. Some people say that they have sensed appearances while passing through the tunnel

Al Khail Gate:Being one of the real haunted places in Dubai, Al Khail Gate is infamous for paranormal activities that occurred in some rooms of the building and falls under the banner of top haunted places in Dubai. Some members who lived there reported that their belongings disappeared in a strange manner and found at other places later on.

Jumeirah: House Of The Devil: The haunted house in Jumeirah, Dubai is another scary place. The seven-bedroom building number 4 of Jumeirah was inhabited by some Filipinos back in 2011. They claimed to see ghosts.