Hidden Flavors: 8 Unique Street Food Snacks from Eastern India a must try

Jhalmuri (West Bengal): A spicy and tangy puffed rice snack mixed with various spices, peanuts, and chopped vegetables, creating a delightful medley of textures and flavors.

Ghugni (Bengal): Enjoy a spicy and aromatic curry made from dried white peas, garnished with chopped onions, green chilies, and tamarind sauce, served piping hot.

Fuchka (Bihar, Bengal, Odisha): These crispy, hollow puris are filled with a spicy potato mixture and tangy tamarind water, offering a burst of flavors in every bite.

Momo (Sikkim, Assam): While not originally from Eastern India, momos have become a beloved street food in the region. These steamed dumplings are filled with a variety of ingredients and served with spicy dipping sauces.

Litti Chokha (Bihar, Jharkhand): Experience roasted wheat flour balls (litti) paired with a spicy mashed vegetable mixture (chokha) and ghee, creating a rustic and flavorful snack.

Machher Chop (West Bengal): These deep-fried fish croquettes are seasoned with aromatic spices, offering a crispy and savory snack that’s beloved by locals.

Gaja (Assam): These deep-fried delights are made from a blend of wheat flour, jaggery, and grated coconut, creating a sweet and crunchy snack.

Chingudi Pakoda (Odisha): Savor crispy prawn fritters seasoned with spices and served hot as a flavorful street food treat.