10 High-Paying Non-Technical Jobs in AI

AI Product Manager: Oversee AI projects, bridge technical and business aspects.

AI Sales Specialist: Drive sales of AI solutions, understand client needs deeply.

AI Ethicist: Ensure responsible AI practices, ethical guidelines, and policies.

AI Project Coordinator: Coordinate AI project tasks, schedules, and team efforts.

AI User Experience (UX) Designer: Design intuitive AI interfaces, enhance user interactions.

AI Technical Writer: Create user manuals, documentation, and guides for AI technologies.

AI Marketing Specialist: Develop AI marketing strategies, promote AI products effectively.

AI Business Consultant: Advise businesses on AI integration, analyze market trends, and strategies.

AI Trainer: Train AI models, curate datasets, and ensure accuracy and efficiency.

AI Customer Support Specialist: Provide technical support, troubleshoot AI-related issues, and assist customers.

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