May 20 , 2024

Highest Paid CEOs of India & their salaries

By True Scoop

Thierry Delaporte of Wipro: ranked as the highest-paid CEO of India in the IT sector, with a salary of over ₹80 crore

Sandeep Kalra of Persistent Systems: He earns around Rs 12.12 crores per annum

Nitin Rakesh of Mphasis: He earns a salary of Rs. 17.7 crores

Salil Parekh of Infosys: He earns a huge amount of Rs. 71 crores per annum

Sudhir Singh of Coforge: He earns a total of Rs. 19.37 crores per annum

CP Gurnani, outgoing CEO of Tech Mahindra: He earns a huge salary of Rs. 22 crores yearly

Rajesh Gopinathan, former CEO of TCS: He had a reported a salary of ₹29 crore this year

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