Top Five Highly Paid Engineering Jobs in India with Lucrative Salaries and Leading Companies

Data Scientist (Average Salary: ?15-25 Lakh Per Annum): Leading companies like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro hire data scientists for data-driven decision-making.

Machine Learning Engineer (Average Salary: ?18-30 Lakh Per Annum): Tech giants including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon value machine learning engineers for AI advancements.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer (Average Salary: ?20-35 Lakh Per Annum): Companies like IBM, Accenture, and Tech Mahindra seek AI engineers for innovative AI projects.

Petroleum Engineer (Average Salary: ?15-25 Lakh Per Annum): Energy giants like Reliance Industries and ONGC employ petroleum engineers for oil and gas exploration.

Blockchain Developer (Average Salary: ?20-40 Lakh Per Annum): Financial institutions such as HDFC Bank and tech startups like Infosys invest in blockchain developers for secure transactions and solutions.