May 06 , 2024

9 Hollywood Celebs Who Would Be Attending Met Gala 2024

By True Scoop

Rihanna: The singer was seen in pink hair in NY City which surely means she would be attending the Met

Zendaya: She might year a 1996 Emanuel Oach Couture for Met Gala 2024

Selena Gomez: She would be attending the Met Gala for sure and is speculated to transform herself this time

Blake Lively: The queen of Met Gala is also present in NY city and we can’t wait to see her fashion game

Taylor Swift: Mumma Swift will also be there to grace the event with her amazing and stellar looks

Anne Hathaway: The amazing actress will also be seen showing off her A-game at the red carpet

Doja Cat: Our very own Doja would be setting the red carpet on fire as always

Ariana Grande: According to reports, she will be seen on Met Gala’s red carpet

Bella Hadid: She is in Ney York from last five days and is speculated to attend Met Gala 2024

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