Sep 15 , 2023

Top 9 Hot Chocolate Spots In New York City

By True Scoop

Li-Lac Chocolates Since 1923, Li-Lac Chocolates has served New Yorkers as the oldest chocolate house in Manhattan. Li-Lac has followed tradition for nearly a century, making chocolate with their original recipes.

Jacques Torres Jacques Torres is a maestro in the world of chocolate, and his hot cocoa reflects his mastery. The complexity of flavors in his hot cocoa makes it one of the best hot chocolates in NYC.

MarieBelle For a pure and rich chocolate experience, head to MarieBelle in SoHo. In their charming cacao bar, you can enjoy a variety of hot chocolates.

Loulou You can savor a delightful classic hot chocolate at the charming French eatery, Loulou, in Chelsea. But what truly steals the show here is their spiced hot chocolate with Tanteo Habanero tequila.

Levain Bakery In a city teeming with culinary choices, Levain Bakery stands head and shoulders above the rest, particularly regarding cookies, which are the absolute best in New York City

Max Brenner Max Brenner takes hot chocolate to a whole new level, making it a must-visit spot for any chocolate lover in NYC. As a chocolate shop and restaurant, it offers a diverse menu including pizza.

Daily Provisions Indulge in the ultimate seasonal delight at Daily Provisions, where luscious hot chocolate is crafted from a velvety ganache made using Vesta dark and milk chocolates.

Bar Pisellino Bar Pisellino's hot chocolate is incredibly cocoa-rich, reminiscent of a flowing chocolate fountain. This hot chocolate leans more towards being a dessert than a simple sweet drink.

Discover the top 9 hot chocolate spots in New York City for a delightful winter experience.