9 Household items that have more than one use
By True Scoop

Binder Clips: Tame unruly cables with sturdy binder clips for a sleek and organized tech station.

Mason Jars: From humble storage container to blooming beauty, mason jars embrace their inner florists.

Aluminum Foil's Sharper Side: Give them a quick makeover with a gentle swipe against the rough edge of aluminum foil.

Rubber Bands: Boost your grip! Wrap a band around jar lids for easy opening, or secure half-eaten fruits to keep them fresh and juicy.

Duct Tape: The ultimate fixer-upper! Mend a ripped toy, patch a leaky hose, or create custom labels for storage bins.

Vinegar: This acidic gem cuts through grime like a champ, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Add a splash to your laundry rinse for naturally soft fabrics.

Baking Soda: From fridge deodorizer to gentle scrub, baking soda is a cleaning powerhouse. Sprinkle it on carpets for a refresh.

Clothespins: clip notes to the fridge, or use them to hang delicate ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Shower Curtain Rings: Hang scarves and belts in your closet, or create a whimsical utensil holder for your kitchen.

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