How to Protect Yourself from Online Hotel Booking Fraud

Verify the Website: Use well-known, reputable booking websites and double-check the URL for authenticity.

Read Reviews: Research the hotel and read reviews from trusted sources to ensure it meets your expectations.

Contact the Hotel Directly: Confirm your reservation by calling the hotel to prevent fraudulent bookings.

Use Secure Payment Methods: Pay with credit cards for added fraud protection, avoiding wire transfers.

Be Wary of Deals: If an offer seems too good to be true, it might be a scam.

Check for Red Flags: Look for spelling errors, unfamiliar email addresses, or suspicious payment requests.

Protect Personal Information: Don't share sensitive details like your Social Security number when booking.

Use a VPN: Employ a virtual private network for added online security when making reservations.

Keep Confirmations: Save all booking confirmations and receipts for reference and dispute resolution.

Stay Informed: Be aware of common online scams and stay cautious while booking accommodations to avoid fraud.

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