How to reach Lakshadweep, price/day, and all about India's 'Own Maldives
By True Scoop

Lakshadweep is situated off the southwestern coast of India in the Arabian Sea. Direct flights from Bengaluru and Kochi are available.

Cruise from Kochi is also the primary means of transportation that takes approximately 18-20 hours to reach Lakshadweep.

Popular attractions include Agatti, Bangaram, Kavaratti islands, and the Kadmat and Kalpitti atolls.

Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and island hopping

Traveling websites offering 3-night/4-day trips to Lakshadweep starting from Rs 23,000.

The same package for a person exceeds Rs 1 lakh in terms of Maldives.

Lakshadweep gives you the luxury of private islands- Thinnakara and Bangaram

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