How you can protect your job amid mass layoff


Layoff Crisis

We aren’t even into recession yet, however, the major tech giants and other companies are already ensuring protection from cost-cutting with mass layoffs.

Layoff Problem

This case is nothing new and it is just the follow-up of the trend that has long been in existence and among the fullest proof plan to ensure security and sustainability during the economic crisis.


Every industry remains hit so you may, but there are 5 approaches that you can take up even now that can ensure your job safety during a recession or if not will mitigate its chances to a huge extent.

Be among your boss' favorite

Be among your boss’ favorites, keep your go and self-respect aside and make sure your boss is comfortable with your presence every human soul expects respect, why can’t you make it for your boss?

Work longer than everybody else

Start working hard, there doesn’t exist any alternative to it, increase your contribution to your firm that will pay the price and you never know this might shoot up your chance better than everyone else.

Hard Work drives attention

The work that you put in makes you an asset to your boss, and your company and no one wishes to give up leaving their best soldier out when heading to war.

Make yourself indispensable

Along with the hard work add up a touch of smart work to your working style and make your work seen that not just adds up to your credit but makes you indispensable at your workplace.

Look for other opportunities

Keep looking for other opportunities as well, even small ones that you actually deserve, but keep in mind that these are tough times and shall pass eventually.

Unconditional Favor

And a crucial one, keep extending unconditional favor among your colleague, precisely to those whose call and presence matter in your office. Take them for lunch, work extra just do it the best you can.