Hrithik Roshan’s Gastronomic Getaways: Top 5 Dishes

Mango Lassi in Amritsar: Hrithik savors the creamy and refreshing mango lassi, a popular Punjabi drink, while visiting Amritsar for its culinary delights.

Mediterranean Mezze in Greece: He indulges in a delightful spread of Mediterranean mezze, including hummus, falafel, and pita bread, during his trips to Greece.

Sushi in Tokyo: Hrithik appreciates the exquisite flavors of Japanese sushi, often enjoying it in Tokyo, where sushi is an art form.

Chocolates in Switzerland: Like many, he enjoys Swiss chocolates, savoring the fine Swiss craftsmanship in chocolate-making during his Swiss sojourns.

Tandoori Delights in Lucknow: Hrithik relishes the smoky and aromatic tandoori dishes, including kebabs and bread, in the food haven of Lucknow.