In Pictures: Kerala fans love for football, FIFA WC 2022 special


Fans Frenzy 1

The fever of football among Keralites is not just a showpiece for the country but rather for the world, moreover, when it comes to the FIFA WC it intensifies multiple folds indeed for the better.

Fans Frenzy 2

From the majestic cutouts of the football icons to the procession, the Keralites not just love they live football. Through images presenting to you some of the best fan moments in the backdrop of the FIFA WC 2022.

Fans Frenzy 3

Brazilian fans launched a procession on their bikes to showcase their support against the fans of other national sides in the state which tends to be friendly but at times even turns violent.

Fans Frenzy 4

This lady from Kerala customized her THAR SUV in the Qatari national flag and decided to travel by road straight to Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Fans Frenzy 5

This image is not from any district of Kerala but is from Qatar itself which has seen the footfall of Kerala fans in the thousands marching and parading in a show of support for their favorite teams.

Fans Frenzy 6

A group of 17 fanatic football fans went on to buy a 23 Lakh home just to enjoy the FIFA WC matches in a group cheering for their favorite teams at the grandest stage of the game.


Although sometimes things even get nasty and take violent turns, a Portuguese fanbase thrashed a man who tore up the flag of Portugal mistaking it as one of the banned outfits PFI.

Fans Frenzy 8

England’s national captain Harry Kane has also received immense love in Kerala whose cutout has also been erected alongside the modern-day greats of football.

Fans Frenzy 7

Kerala and Football are a never-ending love story and with the arrival of the FIFA World Cup the insanity has just advanced to a whole new level.