Nov 14 , 2023

India’s 10 Best Education Institutions Outshine Global Giants

By True Scoop

IIT Bombay: Engineering Brilliance Surpassing Global Standards.

IISc Bangalore: Scientific Excellence in a Global Academic Landscape.

Delhi University: A Historic Hub of Versatile Educational Prowess.

AIIMS New Delhi: Nurturing Healthcare Leaders Beyond International Benchmarks.

NLSIU Bangalore: Legal Education Mastery, Setting Global Precedents.

IIM Ahmedabad: Business Acumen That Outshines Global MBA Programs.

JNU Delhi: Shaping Global Perspectives Through Social Sciences.

BITS Pilani: Technological Innovation at Par with International Tech Giants.

IIFT Delhi: International Business Education Excelling on a Global Scale.

SRCC Delhi: Commerce and Economics Brilliance Outpacing Global Competitors.

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