8 Indian colleges providing International Level Education
By True Scoop

IIT Bombay. Established in 1958, it is the first to be set up with foreign assistance.

Jawaharlal Nehru University. Established in 1959, named after the very first Prime Minister of India.

University of Delhi. Established in 1922, one of the largest university systems in the world.

Ashoka University. Established in 2014, this uni gives you more than a degree.

Banaras Hindu University. Established in 1916, one of the oldest and the greatest.

University of Hyderabad. Established in 1974, known for its distinguished teaching and faculty.

Pondicherry University. Established in 1985, also functions as an affiliating university.

IIT Delhi. Established in 1961, it is known for its rigorous curriculum and highly qualified faculty.

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