Apr 30 , 2024

9 Indian Dishes Among Best Stews In World

By True Scoop

Keema at the 7th position, refers to a stew that is usually prepared as a curry with ingredients such as minced lamb

Dal Tadka is at the 28th position and refers to a dish made with toor dal garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, garam masala

Korma is at the 22nd position and is a creamy meat stew with a mild flavor, made with saffron, yogurt and spices

Vindaloo at 24th position is a Goan dish made of pork or meat marinated in wine vinegar

Shahi Paneer at 32nd position is a typical Punjabi dish, prepared with paneer and a rich, spicy tomato-cream sauce

Misal at the 34th position, this Maharashtrian dish refers to a popular street food made with curd, pav, moth bean

Rogan Josh is Kashmiri dish is at the 62nd position. An aromatic lamb curry cooked in a thick, fiery red sauce

Nihari is at the 64th position and is a popular meat-based dish originating from Old Delhi

Rajma is at the 67th position and refers to a curry made with boiled kidney beans, cooked in a gravy

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