Apr 18 , 2024

8 Indians on TIME's '100 most influential people’s list

By True Scoop

Alia Bhatt: She is recognised for her "formidable talent" and philanthropic endeavours

Dev Patel: He earned recognition for his impactful contributions to cinema

Sakshi Malik: She was honoured on the list as India's first and only female wrestler to win an Olympic medal

Asma Khan: She was celebrated for her culinary prowess and innovative approach to cuisine

Jigar Shah: He was recognised for his instrumental role in spearheading economic development

Ajay Banga: His transformative leadership at the World Bank has made him attain this place

Satya Nadella: He is lauded for his influential role in shaping the future of AI

Priyamvada Natrajan: A professor at Yale University, was acknowledged for her groundbreaking research in astronomy

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