Apr 17 , 2024

10 Indians Who Earned In Crores From Tik Tok

By True Scoop

Arishfa Khan: She is the highest-earning child actress and became quite popular on Tik Tok. She earned 24,000 for each post

Jannat Zubair: Quite famous among youngsters, she used to earn an estimated $ 23,000 for every post

Faisu: He is best known for his hairstyle and modelling and earned 30,000 per post

Avneet Kaur: She earned an estimate of 200 thousand rupees per month for her posts on the app

Riyaz Aly: He was the highest paid Tik Tok star with the greatest number of likes. He used to earn $35,000 per post

Nisha Guragain: She was the richest Tik Toker of India and charged $ 23,500 per post

Awez Darbar: YouTuber, content creator, dancer, and choreographer earned $ 23,500 for each post

Sameeksha Sud: She gained popularity through her funny Instagram reels and charged $ 21,000 for every post

Gima Ashi: She gained popularity with her TikTok video Bhot Hard and used to charge 40,000 per post

Hasnain Khan: Actor, social media influencer, model, and musician earned 50,000 per post

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