Feb 27 , 2024

Inside Freddie Mercury's Million Dollar London Mansion 'Garden Lodge' Up For Sale

By True Scoop

Freddie Mercury's £30m mansion is going on sale for the first time since the 80s.

Queen star Freddie tragically passed away in the London property three decades ago.

Mercury's former lover Mary Austin, 72, was granted ownership of the house in his will.

While Freddie shelled out £500,000 cash, back for the property back in 1985, it has increased in value sixtyfold since then.

Garden Lodge has become a shrine for fans from across the world, who have been known to leave messages for the late musician.

Now Mary has put it on the market, but the floorplans remain undisclosed to the public.

They show a section of the entrance and a dining room, both with traditional furniture and yellow-painted walls.

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