Inside India's 'oldest-living city' discovered in PM Modi's hometown Vadnagar
By True Scoop

Remains of a 2,800-year-old settlement have been found in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's village in Gujarat's Vadnagar.

Archaeological Supervisor Mukesh Thakor said that excavations in Vadnagar are going on ever since PM Modi was the CM of Gujarat.

He further informed that more than a lakh remains have been unearthed so far.

The reason why it is a live city is because the water management system and water level are good, informed the ASI.

Around 30 sites have been excavated in PM Modi's hometown Vadnagar so far.

A very old Buddhist monastery was also unearthed.

Seven cultural layers have been unearthed, the oldest layer dates back to 2800 years or 800 BCE.

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