Inside Karan Johar's Glamorous 'Dharma' Office
By True Scoop

National Geographic recently featured Karan Johar's glamourous Dharma office.

Karan Johar's lavish Dharma office was featured in Nat Geo's famous show Design HQ.

Karan Johar revealed that the Dharma office has been designed by the company's CEO Apurva Mehta.

As per Johar, Apurva Mehta has done the corporate makeover of the office, but he has given a dramatic look as well.

The Dharma office featured a Directors' wall and a Wall of Dance as well to celebrate directors and famous Dharma jodis.

Karan Johar also showcased a customized table that was made as a cassette.

The Dharma office waiting room had film roll cuttings as its wallpaper.

Karan Johar's private office had Maintenon the burgeon Louis XV and its starting cost is Rs 31,000.

The Dharma boss also had a gold-plated table inside his office which signifies his Sindhi roots.

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