5 Instant Kanda Poha Recipes Quick Maharashtrian Delights

Classic Kanda Poha: Sauté onions, spices, and flattened rice. Garnish with cilantro and serve for an authentic Maharashtrian breakfast.

Spicy Kanda Poha: Add green chilies, curry leaves, and mustard seeds for an extra kick. A zesty variation.

Tamarind Kanda Poha: Mix tamarind pulp, jaggery, and hing for a tangy-sweet twist. A burst of flavors.

Kanda Poha with Peanuts: Enhance with roasted peanuts and grated coconut for a crunchy and nutty delight.

Kanda Poha with Pav: Serve Kanda Poha with pav (bread rolls) for a filling and satisfying meal.