7 Interesting facts about Lohri, You Must Know
By True Scoop

Harvest Festival: Lohri marks the winter solstice and celebrates the harvest season, fostering community spirit.

Bonfire Tradition: Lighting bonfires symbolizes the end of winter, warmth, and the triumph of light.

Sesame Seeds and Jaggery: Traditional Lohri foods like til and gur signify energy and prosperity.

Dulla Bhatti Folklore: Honors a legendary hero who rescued girls from abduction, symbolizing bravery and justice.

Dancing and Singing: Festivities include Bhangra and Gidda, lively folk dances, accompanied by vibrant music.

Offerings to the Fire: People throw puffed rice, popcorn, and sesame seeds into the bonfire, seeking prosperity.

First Lohri for Newlyweds: Couples celebrate their first Lohri together with special rituals, blessings, and gifts.

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