Apr 04 , 2024

International Airports With Best Food Courts

By True Scoop

Jewel Changi Airport: It has world’s tallest waterfall and has around 100 food vendors inside

Tokyo Narita Airport: It is famous for serving the tastiest Japanese food be it sushi, ramen, etc

Dubai International Airport: One of the most beautiful airports offer a large variety of middle eastern food

Heathrow Airport, London: It has several eateries that provide quite unusual snacks

Istanbul Airport: It is famous for delicious Turkish cuisine ranging from kebabs to lambs

Amsterdam Airport: The airport is famous for variety of desserts ranging from pancakes to cupcakes

John F Kennedy Airport: It is an international hub with more than 50 cuisines served under one roof

San Franscisco Airport: It is famous for great junk food and drinks

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport: It offers fantastic array of dining styles