International Men's Day 2022: 7 practices that can help men ensure self-care


Men's Day 2022

Every year, November 19 is marked as International Men's Day, a day to acknowledge the value of men in society and to raise awareness of issues that affect men and boys on a global level.

Men's Day 2022

Taking charge of responsibilities on them men sometimes forget, presenting 7 simple tips that can help men to practice self-care that is essential on par or even more than anything other things in life.


While diary writing is something we learned in school, journaling is the best way to calm yourself down. When there is something that can’t be told just pen it down, it is best to self-medication.


If you’re looking for one of the best self-care ideas, try meditation. Just a few minutes of meditation every day and as you become better at meditating, you’ll be enjoying hell lots of health benefits and consciousness.

Working Out

Getting up and stretching or walking for a few minutes not only gives you a break physically but can help release pressure and provides you with a perfect start for the day.

Healthy Diet

Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to reduce your risk of heart disease, one of the leading causes of death, this even helps you provide longevity in work.

Do what you love

Do whatever you love, do spend an hour for yourself in a day, be it music, reading, writing, sports anything you wish. Remember you being valued by yourself is most important than anything else.

Night Routine

Sleep is the most important aspect of self-care, but it’s also probably the most overlooked. Establishing a nighttime routine will not only help you charge right back up but will also ensure productivity.

Skin Care

A skincare routine helps your skin look younger and appear fresh and when that happens it is a great push to your self-respect and provides confidence in presenting yourself.