Top 9 IT Courses for 10th Pass Students in India

Computer Programming : A course called “Certificate in Computer Programming” focuses on giving students strong training in computer programming languages including C, C++, Java, Python, etc.

Web Development : The motive of the certificate program in web development is to provide students with the understanding required to create websites employing a variety of web development tools and technologies.

Mobile App Development : The certification course in mobile app development is to provide students with the expertise and knowledge they require to create mobile applications and make use of a variety of tools.

Cybersecurity : The candidates who accomplish the Certification course in Cybersecurity will have the ability and understanding needed to protect computer networks and systems from online threats.

Digital Marketing : Digital Marketing is a course designed to provide students with the abilities and proficiency required to generate and execute digital marketing strategies.

Game Design and Development : A certification program in game design and development is to prepare students with the capability and information required to lay out and build games for different kinds of platforms.

Certification in Graphic Design : Certification in graphic design is a course fabricated to give students the abilities and information they need to develop optic concepts and communicate ideas using computer-based tools.

Animation and Multimedia : Students who complete the Certificate in Animation and Multimedia course will have the skills and knowledge necessary to design and develop animations, graphics, and multimedia content.

Data Science and Analyst : Data Science and Analyst course will provide students with the knowledge required to analyze and interpret compounded data sets.