Dec 14 , 2023

Japanese Culinary Express: 8 Veg Recipes Ready in 30 Seconds Each

By True Scoop

Quick Miso Soup: Instant miso goodness with tofu and seaweed.

Speedy Veggie Sushi Rolls: No-fuss sushi for a fast Japanese delight.

Flash Yakisoba: Stir-fried noodles with veggies in a hurry.

Rapid Edamame Salad: Quick soybean salad with a sesame twist.

Instant Tofu Teriyaki: Sweet and savory tofu in a snap.

30-Second Okonomiyaki: Speedy Japanese savory pancake.

Quick Sunomono Cucumber Salad: Tangy and refreshing cucumber salad.

Express Nasu Dengaku: Rapid miso-glazed eggplant delight.

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