7 Japanese Herbal Teas you Must Try
By True Scoop

Hoji-cha: Roasted green tea with a toasty flavor; low in caffeine, ideal for a calming experience.

Genmaicha: Green tea blended with roasted brown rice, creating a unique, nutty taste and aroma.

Yuzu Tea: Citrus-infused herbal tea with a refreshing, tangy flavor; a popular choice for its health benefits.

Mugicha: Barley tea enjoyed hot or cold, caffeine-free, offering a nutty taste and aiding digestion.

Umeboshi Tea: Made from pickled plums, it provides a sour and salty kick, offering unique health benefits.

Kukicha: Twig tea made from stems and stalks, offering a mild, nutty flavor and low caffeine content.

Sakura Tea: Cherry blossom-infused tea, delicate and floral; a seasonal treat with a subtle and elegant taste.

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