Kashmir turns magical PURPLE ahead of Diwali 2023

These days, the highlands in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pampore town are adorned with vibrant purple flowers.

Kashmir's air is filled with the sweet aroma of saffron, the world's most expensive spice.

Kashmir's Saffron flower is harvested just once a year between October 20 and November 15.

Kashmiri saffron (Crocus Sativus), is considered the best in the world due to its aroma, colour and medicinal value.

Iran accounts for 88 percent of the world’s saffron production. While India is a very distant second with 7 percent.

Jammu and Kashmir is the largest saffron-producing region in the country.

Kashmir is not just organic but contains a good amount of colouring strength (crocin concentration), and high aroma power (safranal).

The taste of saffron determines its quality (picrocrocin).

The amount of crocin in Kashmir saffron is roughly 8.72 percent, higher than the 6.82 percent in Iranian saffron.

Crocin is responsible for the distinct aroma and medicinal properties of saffron.

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