9 K-Dramas to Watch for Free on YouTube

"Crash Landing on You": A South-North love story filled with humor, drama, and suspense. (Romance, Comedy)

"Itaewon Class": A revenge-driven entrepreneur battles against a powerful food conglomerate. (Drama)

"My ID is Gangnam Beauty": A story of self-acceptance and love amidst societal pressures. (Romance)

"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon": A young woman with superhuman strength juggles her personal life and crime-fighting. (Romance, Comedy)

"The Heirs": High school romance and family conflicts among wealthy elite students. (Romance, Drama)

"Goblin": An immortal guardian and a young woman's captivating tale of love and redemption. (Fantasy, Romance)

"Descendants of the Sun": A heartwarming love story set in a conflict zone with medical and military drama. (Romance, Action)

"While You Were Sleeping": Dreams foretell the future as two individuals work to prevent tragic events. (Fantasy, Romance)

"W - Two Worlds": A thrilling journey between the real world and a webcomic universe with unexpected twists. (Fantasy, Romance)