Kriti Sanon’s skin care routine for clear and glowing skin


PROPER CLEANSING: Kriti's first thing to do in skincare is to cleanse face with a mild face wash and massaging it well to get rid of oil and dirt

MASKING: The actress likes to apply a mask made of Greek yoghurt on her face. She applies it two times a week

USING MICROFIBER TOWELS: Microfiber towels are used by her as they're soft and environment- friendly.

TONER: Kriti uses a toner that has niacinamide which helps in closing the pores and absorbing the products on skin well

VITAMIN C SERUM: For Kriti Vitamin C serum is a must. Gently massaging it on face is a wonderful remedy for skin brightening and reducing dark spots

SPF IS A MUST: Actress absolutely recommends using sunscreen for the skin.

LIP BALM IS LOVE: Actress’s skincare is concluded with lip balm to keep her lips soft and smooth